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Drug Free Cherokee (DFC) is a local community coalition established in 2004 whose mission is developing a drug free Cherokee County through a collaboration of resources for individuals and families.

DFC is composed of local youth serving organizations, business, law enforcement, civic organizations, healthcare, schools, media, faith community, government agencies, substance abuse organizations, parents and youth. These community representatives work together to develop and implement initiatives to prevent drug and alcohol use among the youth of our community.

Over the years the DFC coalition has established the Cherokee Youth Council, which includes local 9th - 12th grade youth. These young leaders develop an annual strategic plan for preventing and reducing alcohol and drug abuse among their peers and act as advisors to the coalition.

Through the help of the Cherokee Youth Council, DFC began the Cherokee Youth Challenge; alcohol sticker shock campaigns alerting adults to the penalties for providing to minors; the prom campaign to discourage adults from providing alcohol to minors during prom season, spring break and graduation celebrations; and the 100% tobacco free campaign to reduce the use of tobacco among students.

Mission & Values

Mission: To Develop a Drug Free Cherokee through a collaboration of resources for individuals and families affected by substance abuse through awareness, education, prevention, intervention, and recovery.

Vision: A united Cherokee County that is healthy, safe, and drug free.


Pictured Above: Cherokee Youth Council Members at the Georgia Teen Institute at Emory at Oxford College.

Youth Council

A Drug Free Cherokee initiative, the Cherokee Youth Council (CYC) is a youth action team open to youth in grades 8-12, GED students, and homeschool students, who unite to address youth substance use in Cherokee County. Youth Council members develop an annual strategic plan for preventing and reducing alcohol and drug abuse among their peers and act as advisers to the Drug Free Cherokee coalition.

These young leaders are committed to positive alternatives to drug and alcohol use and want to make a difference in their community through:

  • Positive alternatives awareness and advocacy

  • Leadership and skills development

  • Community engagement.

  • And training in the Stategic Prevention Framework Model

Cherokee Community prevention alliance workgroup

Alcohol Prevention Initiative

Cherokee FOCUS is currently supporting the efforts of The Council on Alcohol and Drugs which has been funded by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) to conduct an Alcohol Prevention Initiative (API) in Collaboration with local, regional and statewide partners to serve selected target communities in Georgia. A needs assessment and evaluation has been done for Cherokee County to gauge the relationship between youth and alcohol in our county.

Drug Free Cherokee Meetings

Meetings Held at the
Cherokee FOCUS Office

  • The First Friday of each month -        9:45 am - 10:45 am
  • No Meeting in January or July 

Why do we focus on alcohol?

You may have seen our Prom Campaign billboards and print ads with a focus on alcohol.

  • Alcohol kills more kids and young people ages 18-25 than all other drugs combined.
  • Youth ages 9-20 use it more than any other substance, including tobacco or marijuana.
  •  Nationally, on average, per day, 2,842 young people between the ages of 12 to 14 begin to use alcohol. Meaning at least a million youth under the age of 15 starting using alcohol per year.
  • An average, 2,375 people in Georgia die from alcohol-related injuries or illness each year.
  • Nationally in 2009, underage consumption of alcohol causes on average of 28,161 teen pregnancies, 949,400 nonfatal violent crimes (rape, robbery, and assault) and 1,844 homicides.
  • Alcohol is the 3rd leading cause of death in Georgia. In 2010 underage drinking cost Georgia $1.4 billion.

Drug Free Cherokee Coalition

Jessica Moss
Cherokee County Solicitor General - Chairman




Cherokee FOCUS Resource Guide

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